The Role of a Nanny

A nanny needs to be responsible, organised, trustworthy and enthusiastic. They must also have a very nurturing personality and be able to show lots of love and affection. A nanny is fully responsible for your child’s safety, development and well-being when you are not there, and will care for them as required.

The nanny you employ should be willing to take on responsibility for everything relating to the children during their working hours, including; dressing, bathing, preparing nutritious meals and snacks, organising play-dates, fun and educational outings, as well as other age appropriate social activities. Your nanny will be expected to create a safe environment in which to develop your children to their full potential through educational games, painting, reading and other forms of play.

A nanny is expected to organise the children’s belongings, tidy up and clean toys and equipment after playing, clean the kitchen after preparing food or any other messy activities, as well as to ensure the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms are clean and tidy. A nanny is not expected to do any heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores unless mutually agreed before the position is accepted.